I will do 301 Redirects 500 Links in 24TAT

do 301 Redirects 500 Links in 24TAT

About This Gig

301 Redirect is URL redirecting service, We will build 301 redirects for your site or your links in 24-hour with Full report. 301 redirect is "Moved pernamently". Permanent redirect. 

The 301 redirect indicates that a web page has been moved from point A to point B, and tells the search engines that this page “moved permanently”. It also tells the search engines that all of the attendant qualities of the original page should be assigned to the new page. This includes PageRank, page authority, traffic values, and active link information.

When Google sees a 301 it basically takes the SEO juice it had assigned to the first one, and moves it over to the second one. 

Please note that no anchor text is being used in a redirect but it will be included in the URL.
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-10-50 URL's Accepted per Gig Order. 
-No Anchor is required as it's a redirecting gig.

Order Details

301 Redirects 500 Links in 24-TAT

500 Redirects links for your link juice.

1 day delivery