I will create An Engaging Explainer Video For Your Business

THX Again. Perfect Experience. Fast delivery. Even problems solved immediately
Reviewed by madmaxy001 12 months ago
Perfect work. Fast delivery and craetive work. Thx and ill order again!
Reviewed by madmaxy001 about 1 year ago
create An Engaging Explainer Video For Your Business
create An Engaging Explainer Video For Your Business
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About This Gig

I will create a super high quality explainer video for your business to pitch your product or service to potential customers in a fun and engaging manner.
Gone are the days when any mediocre video would do, so let the pros handle your video marketing, this will be useful for the following:
  • Building brand identity
  • sales video for your website
  • Educational material for schools and business
  • Building your video sharing channels.....and a whole lot more.

I will use images from my stock images library and background music  to create your explainer animation, that means that i don't draw custom images, so please be aware of that before ordering.

1. Your script done by you or let me write one for $10 for you.
2. If you are using voice over, the mp3 file to be synced with your job plus $10 for synchronization.

So for $5 you will get 30 seconds animation with background music, if you want to add your logo then provide in in a PNG format.

 I don't do videos for porn, escort, gambling, or any illegal business site. If you need anything else or longer videos contact me for appropriate quote or if you have questions i am here to answer the,