I will professionally Proofread And Edit

professionally Proofread And Edit

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One reason I'm an excellent editor is the fact that I truly enjoy doing it. For me, editing your document isn't just a way to earn a paycheck. I love words and I love making language flow in a way that's just right. 

Whether I'm editing an intimate autobiography, a formal business document, or anything in between, I find it incredibly rewarding and enjoyable to take a text and make it as perfect as it can possibly be--while always, ALWAYS keeping it in your unique voice, not my own. 

As you can see from my consistently stellar reviews, I go absolutely above and beyond to make sure every client is 100% satisfied, whether it's a large job or a small one. 

The practice of reading well-written works of all kinds fosters an intimate familiarity with the rhythms and nuances of language which only enhances my skills as an editor. I love reading, I love editing, and I thoroughly enjoy putting my skills to use here.

Contact me now with your project and I will be very glad to help with them. 

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