I will give you a message for the day

give you a message for the day

About This Gig

Sometimes something compels us to seek guidance from other sources. 

An outside opinion or observation can often bring clarity.

Some people believe that finding coins on the ground means that your guardian angel or recently departed one is near. Sometimes there is a message that needs to be shared.

Sometimes a dream holds a hidden meaning.

Sometimes a message can be an important piece of the puzzle. Or perhaps it appears meaningless in the moment.

Some people like to see what a new day will bring by receiving a message.

Others enjoy verifying their suspicions about an event or person.

Try the message of the day!

Once I receive your request for my message of the day, I will consult my spirit guides and then I deliver your message in a separate document file.

The written message is valid from the time I deliver it. 

Have a fantastic day!