I will be your one man factory starting up

Very nice work and very fast response. Will be using again!
Reviewed by donaldsturiale almost 3 years ago
He does great work
Reviewed by dbounty almost 3 years ago
Merci mon ami génial, wonderfull
Reviewed by jojo62fr almost 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by nando48752 almost 3 years ago
Great job and very timely
Reviewed by edstdy about 3 years ago
Great seller. Works based on my own requirement. Would recommend him for anyone and looking forward to work with him on more projects
Reviewed by practimate about 3 years ago
Just amazing - i was completely overwhelmed not only at the three options i was given, but the fact that i loved them all and could hardly choose between them, but i received so much help to get my file uploaded and used in time for holiday - it was a real pleasure. the best experience i've had!
Reviewed by etiquettemanor about 3 years ago
Thumbs up
Reviewed by esmokegator over 3 years ago
Very happy with the work from Septagon, thank you!
Reviewed by sribeall over 3 years ago
This seller says it will fix the problems for the unsatisfactory work
Reviewed by nzymes1 over 3 years ago
Thumbs down
Reviewed by akbarkq almost 3 years ago
be your one man factory starting up
be your one man factory starting up
be your one man factory starting up

About This Gig

In my career i have met many challenges and completed many tasks in the realm of internet technology, video production, interactive virtual reality projects, and much much more. When i created a Fiverr account i didn't think too much of it at first, now i know better! I have met and still meet a lot of people every single day who are ordering one of my many gigs or are contacting me with questions about all kinds of things related to their ideas or business. I love sharing my experience with you! Because i am now a level 2 seller my believe in Fiverr is stronger than ever. That is why i created this totally unique gig. Starting from only $5 you can hire me for anything ranging from advice to hardcore web programming and anything in between. This includes copy writing, graphic design, flash design and action scripting, video editing, video post production, 3D modeling, 3D simulations, avatar development, project management, sound effects, voice overs, real time virtual reality, and much much more. It's important that i understand exactly what you want me to do for you because your and my time is valuable. So please don't hesitate to contact me before ordering this gig!

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