I will write your About Me page

write your About Me page
write your About Me page
write your About Me page
write your About Me page

About This Gig

Branding is everything!

Your About Me communicates nuggets of information that form an indelible impression of you and your capabilities. Use it to be a mover and shaker. 

Scope of work: copy editing, grammar, spelling, strong visual language choices to paint a picture of you and your capabilities.

A personal brand ambassador can help you turn a weakest link into a strength. Let me help you craft an About Me brand you can be proud of. And, which helps you break the surf and make waves!

Order Details

Write your About Me page

Write a 150-word About Me page. Send me details about yourself and I'll generate your brand copy :-)

  • Commercial Use
2 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't have any meaningful copy. Can I just give you a bunch of bullet points for you to copy edit from?
    Yes, you can. And, this would be a good way to start. :-)
  • How do I know what my brand should be?
    Good question. We don't without some meaningful discussion.We can start that conversation and discovery process by you filling out a custom gig.In this way, we can ask the right questions and start building that personal brand.