I will work on your tasks as a Virtual ASSISTANT for 1 hour or more


About This Gig

Before ordering this service please contact me and also make sure that you understand that this basic gig (5$) provides you a VA for 1 hour and some tasks could require more than 1 hour for a finished task from the scratch, but don't worry you can purchase extra hours

Tasks I can accomplish:

  • Data entry
  • File conversion (.doc to .pdf, .pdf to .doc etc)
  • Create and design tables, TOC on Microsoft Word
  • Send e-mails, documents
  • Upload photos, manage websites, business
  • Intermediate editing photos skills (using Adobe Photoshop)
  • Transcribe any scan picture into text format
  • Create and design professional Google forms
  • Design newsletters
  • Divi wordpress theme design
  • File management (organize, rename folders)
  • Set-up, use and manage Social media accounts
  • Answering support tickets
  • and much more.. just ask and let me see how can I help you!

Why you should work with me? ✍(◔◡◔) 

  • I am a very good communicator
  • I know how to use Google products
  • I provide you a high quality work
  • I am very devoted to what I am doing
  • I deliver all the work on time without neglect quality
  • We can negotiate the price if you want to hire me more hours
  • I am a trustworthy person, I count on kindness, politeness, professionalism and seriousness

Order Details

1H Virtual Assistant PACK

I am able to work on almost every online or offline task possible. I am devoted and a fast learner

  • Project Management
  • 1 Hour of Work
  • Formatting & Clean Up
  • Organize, Classify or Tag Your Files
  • Customer Service Support
  • Basic Photo Editing
2 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much hours you will work for 5$ ?
    I will work up to 1 hour for 5$ in this time I will work on one single task :) Your satisfaction is very important to me and I treat my work very seriously. You can also purchase extra hours at gig extras if you are interested to continue the work I've already done
  • I want something else to do what I should do?
    Just contact me before placing an order :) I will tell you if I am able or not to do your request.
  • I am not satisfied with the work what I should do?
    Just provide me some information why you are not satisfied and I will give you a friendly full refund. Please remember that you have 1 FREE revision! don't be afraid to use it!
  • I am very satisfied with the work. What can I do to show my gratitude?
    If you are very satisfied with the work done you can give me a tip if you wish. I will humbly accept all the tips, they will absolutely help me to support my college needs so I would appreciate any help. Thank you!
  • I purchased Add More Task-s in the same order, I have to buy hours again?
    If you purchased Add More Task-s from my gig extras, you will get +1 hour of work without any charge. I will let you know when the time is gone or when you need to add more hours into the project.
  • How much work will be done in a basic gig order (5$) ?
    Unfortunately I could not give you a prompt response on this question It all depends by the difficulty of the task I guarantee that I will work as hard as possible to give you amazing results in this 1 hour of work and you can purchase extra Hr if you are happy and would like to continue the work
  • What's the first thing I should do if I want to purchase this service?
    I would friendly suggest you to contact me before placing an order, this will really save your time and my time, I will tell you exactly If I could do or not your task. Don't hesitate to contact me anytime :)
  • I like the work but I would love a few revisions, is that possible?
    Absolutely! I would be more than happy to help you, remember that you have 1 FREE revision!. If you would like more revisions, use gig extras shown below. Thank you!
  • How to add more hours or days into my order?
    It's very simple, scroll down into my gig page and look at gig extras. You will can choose how much hours you need to add (look at quantity) (1) - 5$ which means 1 hour for 5$, (2) - 10$ which means 2 hours for 10$ and etc.
  • What is Priority Badge?
    If you want a more fast delivery on your order then you should choose Priority Badge. Maybe you need a task done very very fast and you can now have this, I will interrupt any activities to provide you a fast delivery with priority without neglect the quality of the work.