I will give you more leads then anyone else

give you more leads then anyone else

About This Gig

I've done lots of campaigns for data collection, pay per click, lists, quality leads etc. I have more then anyone else on the Internet, and I haven't done anything with them up until this point. Tons of phones numbers (millions and millions), email addresses (also millions per state), addresses, business informations. 
All sorted out by states, by name, business category, personal debt, and much more. These are fairly fresh from 2013-2016 and have not been used much before. 
This is really a rare gig because no one can offer this many working leads, quality lead list that costs a lot in terms of pay per click campaigns, time, management, organization etc. 
You can send out emails for years, call for decades and send post cards for eternity. 
Very high market valuer of over $ 10K for all these leads, but no one needs that much (companies working with leads). The space needed - at least 6 GB of free space

Order Details

2 days delivery

Single state leads

Excel leads for business and people