I will protect and secure your wordpress site

protect and secure your wordpress site

About This Gig

WordPress is an extremely popular web platform, and because of its popularity it is often the target of hackers.I will configure your WordPress to secure & protect it:

  • Brute Force Protection
Protect your site against attackers that try to randomly guess login details to your site.

  • 404 Detection
Automatically block users snooping around for pages to exploit

  • Away mode
Not making changes to your site 24 hours a day? Disable access to the WordPress Dashboard on a schedule

  • Hide Login & Admin pages
Hide the login page by changing its name and preventing access to wp-login.php and wp-admin

  • Change WordPress database table prefix
Change the database table prefix that WordPress uses

Protect your site from bots by verifying that the person submitting comments or logging in is indeed human

  • Database Backups
Create backups of your site's database. The backups can be created manually and on a schedule

  • File Change Detection
Monitor the site for unexpected file changes

  • Wordpress Salts
Update the secret keys WordPress uses to increase the security of your site

"If businesses do nothing, assuming a "nothing can happen to us" mentality, then it's only a matter time before a security hack" - Tom Hugly

Order Details

1 day delivery

Protect & Secure

Install and configure wordpress security

  • Vulnerability Testing
  • Security Patch Installation