I will proofread up to 3000 words for perfect spelling and grammar

proofread up to 3000 words for perfect spelling and grammar

About This Gig

Hello, thanks for stopping by - I appreciate the chance to help you out!

I know there are thousands of gigs like this on Fiverr - so why should you choose me? Because I love what I do, I love to help whenever I can, and I strongly believe in the power of the written word. I want your document to be as good as it possibly can be, and will put my heart into every single order to make sure you love what I deliver!

I will proofread any professional or personal document written in English or German. If your document requires extensive editing and rewriting, I may ask you to review it again yourself before submitting it to me. I will correct spelling and grammar of any document of up to 3000 words. However, I will look at every document on a case-by-case basis, so it may be longer if you are confident it only needs minor touch-ups.

Please contact me before placing your order so that we may discuss details and expectations on both sides.

Your success is important to me, and I will do the best possible job to make sure you love the finished product. 

Thank you again for stopping by!

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This proofreading package includes one full review and one revision.

  • Up to 3000 Words
  • Feedback
3 days delivery 1 Revision
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