I will write a converting sales letter headline

write a converting sales letter headline
write a converting sales letter headline

About This Gig

You have TEN SECONDS to captivate your readers!
Readers want to buy, and you want them to buy. Your first line of defense of that tiny 'x' at the top of the page is your HEADLINE!!

The difference between a good headline and a great headline could cost you tens of thousands of dollars...
If your readers won't stay on your page, you WON'T make that sale!

5 Free headlines with every order-- a $30 value for just 5 bucks!
Let's face it.. there are thousands of possible headlines for your article. That is why I will give you not one, but SIX headlines with your order.

Your readers' distractions are costing you thousands!
Don't let distractions on their end be more engaging than what you have to say. Hire me to write your headline. Make your letter the most fascinating thing in front of them! EASTER EGG- send me the word 'egg' with your order for 5 more headlines for free- a total of a $45 value!

The best solution for your sales letters
Hiring me to write your sales letter headlines will ensure that proven, effective headlines are being used the right way, every time. And, you have not one, but SIX headlines to choose from to help engage your readers. What are you waiting for? 

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The Headliner

Copy is the lifeblood of your business, so let me help you write that elusive sales letter headline!

2 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are all headlines for the same article?
    Because I must take time to understand the offer, possibly read the sales letter, and learn about the project, I require a separate order for each article/product. Thank you for your understanding.