I will tune and perfect up to 1000 words of your writing

tune and perfect up to 1000 words of your writing

About This Gig

Any creative, factual or technical single document, up to 1000 words per Gig, can be certified in short order, in either U.S., U.K., Australian or Canadian English (please specify).  There's no reason to worry or fret about it.  Send it to me in doc/txt/docx or other convenient format and I'll fix it and send it right back.

I write Science Fiction, and have done so since the 1960s.  I was acquainted with Isaac Asimov and he seemed to like my writing well enough (modest shrug)  to the extent that I placed first in his 1984 international SF writing contest.  Naturally this breeds a strong ability to understand technical terms and use them properly.

As a product of the pre-1970 education system I received a full  English education.  I have the mental tools and acuity necessary to repair your document perfectly.

One free re-edit to change the tone, if desired, because English is a subtle language with many nuances.  Why be banal, ordinary, common, jejune, dull, pedantic, regular, pedestrian, dreary, everyday or unremarkable?  All these words (and more) mean the same thing, but each one conveys a slightly different feeling.  It's a versatile language; let me use it to your full advantage.

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6 days delivery 2 Revisions

Up to 1,000 words

You have the essence; now you need it to coalesce. Leave it to me; that's MY job.

  • Up to 1000 Words