I will publish your Press Release with backlinks in Newspapers

publish your Press Release with backlinks in Newspapers

About This Gig

Publication Service of Press Releases and Dissemination in Digital Media Press.

You'll get:

1.-Press note written by one of our journalists of about 400 words

2.-Dissemination of the press release in digital media for 7 days

3.-Report of results and impact of the Press Release, which includes all backlinks created to the web to promote, estimated about 15-20 backlinks from domains of

Great authority (online newspapers, thematic blogs, news websites, etc.), although this number will vary depending on the sector you want to promote.


Www.dominio.es (PA 86 / DA 84) (FW)

Www.dominio.com (PA 70 / DA 64) (NOFW)

Www.dominio.com (PA 58 / DA 50) (FW)

Www.dominio.com (PA 48 / DA 40) (FW)

Net price: 300 €

Note: Only the high authority that are created in the press release broadcast campaign are already more than amortized the price of the service, since they are links from newspapers of great authority, whose price contracting individual reviews in These newspapers would already cost you between EUR 50 and EUR 300 each of these reviews