I will write TWO comments on your blog or Facebook page

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write TWO comments on your blog or Facebook page

About This Gig

Starting a new blog can be hard work. And it’s tough to stay motivated.


You’re pouring your heart and soul into everything you write, writing some of the best content you’ve ever produced, sending it out to the world, and then ….


… crickets.  

Trust me. I know the feeling.

And I know how hard it can be to give a brand new blog an air of credibility. After all – what will new visitors think when they visit and see NO other visitor has left a single comment to your newest posts – or any of them at all?


That’s why I made this gig, just for you.


For this gig, I will write up to TWO thoughtful, carefully-crafted comments on your post or Facebook page. They won’t just be a single “great post!” comment – they’ll have a thoughtful response to your post, making it clear to new visitors that you’ve got an engaged audience that is eagerly consuming your content.


Trust me – this is a gig that tons of new bloggers would give anything to know about – and if you’re reading this, then today is your lucky day.


So place an order now, and let’s help bring your blog to life!

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