I will professionally transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video

professionally transcribe 15 minutes of audio or video

About This Gig

Let’s face it – of all the things that you want to be doing right now, transcribing audio is probably at the bottom of your list. And odds are, if you need audio to be transcribed, you’ve probably put it off, since it’s such a chore.

If any of this sounds like you, then it’s a good thing you’ve found my gig! Keep reading… 

I’m a lightning quick typist. And not only that, I pride myself on absolute precision and accuracy.

So stop procrastinating on all that audio you need transcribed! Hand it off to me, and get back to what you’d rather be doing.

I will quickly and accurately transcribe up to 15 minutes of audio or video. Your transcripts will be entirely confidential, and delivered to you in .doc format. 

Do you want to have words like, “um,” “uh,” etc. removed? Want your transcript proofed for correctness of grammar? Want to have time stamps added? No problem! Take a peek at my gig extras below.

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2 days delivery 1 Revision