I will cast for you a psichic reading using runes

cast for you a psichic reading using runes
cast for you a psichic reading using runes

About This Gig

please ask a clearly, direct and precise question. i don´t need details about what is happening in your life,
i need only you to concetrate and write the questions
i am honest und directly!
i will answer the same day
I can channel with my spiritual Guide, i am an empath, i born as psychic Medium like my mother and my grandmother. Yes i come from a magical family and i am since 20 years helping people to find his way and his destiny worlwide. You can change the past but give a chance to your future! 
That´s me:
Spiritual and energy Healings, Reiki Meisterin
Past Life and Karma
clairvoyantly, clairsentiently and clairaudiently
different as wicca witchcraft, medieval Arab and Jewish Teacherin in Germany for professional psychic and Tarot readings. Runes are the most profound and significant natural forces that exist, they are the Universe in us! they manifests themselves in us, in the nature, they are a world of secrets and we can take advantage of their knowledge to live better and change our life in better way.

i will answer you l usually within the same day. 
18 anolder only. For entertainment and beyond.