I will do a psychic Crystal Divination and Oracle

do a  psychic Crystal Divination and Oracle

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Crystal has origin already in the ancient Druids and in Egypt they would interviewed by clairvoyant. this tradition has been delivered to us, mostly orally from family member to family member. Today many people believe in the stains of ball icons to see that you can interpret in general but it is only an imagination which provides only a partial or wrong interpretation. when scrying must be able clairvoyance, must go to semi trance sit down to, in one way and interpret the symbols or pictures, the sophisticated clairvoyant can even beings in crystal appear.
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nothing is more powerful than a bond between faith and magic. sguardoesoterik
 Spiritual and energy Healings, Reiki Meisterin Past Life and Karma clairvoyantly, clairsentiently and clairaudiently different as wicca witchcraft, medieval Arab and Jewish. I can channel with my spiritual Guide, i am an empath, i born as psychic Medium like my mother and my grandmother. come from a magical family and i am since 20 years helping people to find his way and his destiny worldwide. You cannot change the past but give a chance to your future!