I will do an remote distance aura and chakra clearing

do an remote distance  aura and chakra clearing

About This Gig

Chakra are energy centers and the sense organ of the body and the Soul.Sie collect information arising from our aura and transform them into the form of vibrations and pulses and pass them on to our body cells.
Blockades, disharmony, wrong direction of rotation
the chakras cause Mental and Physical strain, Störungenund diseases.
In Chakrasclearing the chakras are cleaned, disbanded the blockages and that fight interior psychosomatic symptoms .Sehr often during cleaning the customers are seeing images of past life, her aura is brighter and the spiritual gifts and abilities strengthened and deployed.
I lead Chakrahealing, deep remote treatments.

1 gig  15 minuten clearing look all teh gig offers!

For this treatment, an hour is necessary, we will make an distance appointment .I am happy to help and may accompany you.