I will be that friend to message you back

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be that friend to message you back

About This Gig

Have you ever just wanted someone to message? Do you get annoyed with one word answers? Do you get excited when a new message arrives?

Why not message with me!? I love talking to new people and I enjoy some good discussion. What will we talk about you ask? Anything you want!

Need to vent? Have some good news you are just dying to tell someone? Have a story and need a new ear to listen?
Tell me! I can be that ear! Err...or eye...considering we'll be messaging...whatever

I'll message with you for two days starting when I receive your first message after the gig is bought.

Few things:
- No topic is off limits
- Please no cursing.
- I reserve the right to not answer a question and respect you if you choose the same