I will totally Fix and Customize your PC or Laptop for $5

/ 3 Days On Average
totally Fix and Customize your PC or Laptop
totally Fix and Customize your PC or Laptop

About This Gig

** Pays may need more than 5$ depend on the system condition and process time, so please contact me first inbox before order for information **

Your computer keeps freezing on start up? displays anti virus pop ups wanting you to pay? starts slow, takes forever to load a page? programs acting sluggish? hi-jacked search results? Games Runs slowly with hangs? exhausted from annoying Ads? searching for specific programs you need? and want to activate whatever app you desire?

Before you take your PC or Laptop to a shop give me a try, depending on 10 years of experience in this career. I logon and repair your computer, while you watch and still having full control over your system, Safely and Easily with security equivalent to a VPN connection. I will connect and troubleshoot with you online now to evaluate your computer problems in minutes and give you the information to make the best computer repair decision and telling you what to do so. I will deal with any PC or Laptop brands, Handle any Program you want, Cure any trouble and Make you happy.

Your Computer Will Work As You Never See It Before, It's My Guarantee.