I will help you in python code projects scripts

help you in python code projects scripts
help you in python code projects scripts
help you in python code projects scripts
help you in python code projects scripts
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Description Basic Python Assignments projects Intermediate assignments projects Advances Assignment projects
  This is the Beginner for those, who have a short assignment probably less than an 30 min of working. I will help you with advance python assignments and projects including analysis, algorithm etc. I will be helping you with advances such as Api's access, web access, database access and others
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About This Gig

I will be doing Python work based on the size of the Projects or Assignments,
I have specialization in python programming with 1.75 years of python programming experience including 5 months of experience in web scrapping.
My education portfolio: M Shafay Amjad
My Python projects: shafaypro on GitHub
it will be done. I am a python specialist from University of Michigan, Verified Java,c++,sql Programmer from Duke, Microsoft. I will use Object-oriented Approach to each and every program i will be given, The Program Length should be maximum utilized considering the optimization of the program by debugging.
Dealing with:
1) Basics
2) Data Structures 
3) OOP approach
4) Databases with python
5) Python data structures
2) Python web access and rest API's
3) Python Data Analysis and Visualization
4) Web scrapping
5) Python GUI Application
6) Natural language processing
9) Python WebRankers, automation of stuff
10) Different file readings and conversions
"if the project is more likely to be a big one so Charges may apply more"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you teach Python programming ?
    Yes, I can Please Communicate First . Since I have been tutoring in python for almost a year. So yes Communicate first.
  • What is my best project till date
    My best Project is an Ongoing Virtual Assistant like Cortona, Siri and Jarvis., since it's my last year Graduating so I am working on it, Its 60% completed and can access applications, send emails, Machine learning natural language processing , chatting, memory store(create own), different genders
  • What is my work experience?
    I had worked with Multiple organizations 1) Teradata (Professional service consultant in Data integration)
  • Can you code Live in front of me ?
    Yes i can, but the charges may get more while doing that because of recording and continuously recording. Perhaps twice
  • Do you like comments?
    I freaking love comments in my code. :) although for complete comments i charge
  • Experience with python?
    2 years of programming experience 2 specializations in python 38 Verified Certification in python. 2 Specialization in Teradata SQL 14 others.
  • How many projects i did ?
    Big Projects : 4 Mini Projects : 70+