I will make Website and Web aplication

make Website and Web aplication

About This Gig

When I was a kid I wanted to be an artist. As I didn't have art teacher I tried to learn sketch by my own. No one helped me. I didn't know the rules of sketch. Then I tried and tried. At last I found myself that I could sketch anything. And it was the best time when everyone praised me. Now the world has been more digital. So I converted arts from page to frames and Started Photography.

After completing college I got admitted in an University and started learning programming. Then I found that programming is nothing but an art. I found my interest in programming and started solving programming problems.

Now I am still learning new methods of programming, Artificial Intelligence, Networking and Algorithms and also trying to make career on ASP.NET. Besides I have done my thesis on "HEALTH MONITORING SYSTEM OF HEART PATIENT USING DATA MINING"

As you can see Computer Science(Programming) is my passion and i am so desperate to learn on relevant topics and willing to give my best, let's have a chat and think for the future. Feel free contact and I can insure you that I won't make you disappoint.

Competencies: Data Warehouse & Data Mining, ASP.NET, C, C++, Computer Networking. 

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7 days delivery 2 Revisions


This web application will be short but effective and will be delivered just or just before in time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you translate to English as well ?
    Yes, I also translate from Bangle to English.
  • Do you have any other work or profession?
    Yes! I have interested in Photography and willing to work with that
  • Do you have writing skills ?
    Yes, I have content writing experience.