I will draw ComiC, MangA, Graphic novel with PERFect DILIGENTDETAIL art

draw ComiC, MangA, Graphic novel with PERFect DILIGENTDETAIL art
draw ComiC, MangA, Graphic novel with PERFect DILIGENTDETAIL art
draw ComiC, MangA, Graphic novel with PERFect DILIGENTDETAIL art
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pdf page as image

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Description Diligent (D) Perfection Detail Diligent20(PDD20) Perfection Detail Diligent (PDD)
  Premium art quality (stroke,lines detail,figure,design,b/ground,etc).Black&white(B&W)+6panels Those who love Perfect-Detail-Diligently-done comic&want more;20pages promo.B&W+Tone+6panels For those who love Perfect-Detail-Diligently-done comic.Max art quality(all aspect).B&W+Tone+6panels
Full Body
This illustration features a figure's entire body.
Full illustration, including scenery behind the main subject of the illustration.
High Resolution
The file will be delivered in resolution suitable for print.
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
Source File
The original design file allows you to make future edits to the design.
The number of figures (for example, people/objects) included in the illustration.
4 5 5
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
1 1 1
Delivery Time 2 days 3 days 3 days
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About This Gig


This is Shahrul Akram, fulltime freelance versatile comic / manga / graphic novel artist. Big fan of comic, I've started to create mine since the age of 10. 10 years experiences,5 local publishers as pro&freelance artist.

1.Winner,IPCreator Challenge(Comic),Gov.Agency-MDEC,2011

2.Finalist,NationalMangaCompetition2009&2010,featured in AXN Asia

3.Finalist,comic competition,Karangkraf,2009

4.Master,Nanoelectronic Engineering

Art style:ALL-manga/western/semi-realistic,etc!

Genre:ALL-Action/Romance/Drama,etc!All up to 6 panels,full body,highres,4-5figures!

PDD & PDD20-Special for those who seek PERFECTION,DILIGENT&DETAIL. Totally SUPREME in all aspects; crafted by DILIGENT&ALL-OUT Effort, engraved with DETAIL lines.Lower rate for bulk order 20pages!

1 page PDD/PDD20= 30-40hours*0*= $4.8-6.5/hr & $4.4-5.8/hr,+ commercial use&source file!

I appreciate so much Diligent and Detail in arts.Just the best from me.For me, comic is not just entertainment-it's more than that.

Whether it’s business/project/gift for yourself/family/friends, this will surely bring the max out of it!

Thank you very much:)Feel free to contact me&let's create some masterpiece together now!!:)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Price shown are per 1 page?
  • All of them in black & white? How about adding color?
    Yes all of them in black & white. PDD & PDD20 come along with grey toning. Adding color is available (price:refer details)
  • Is there any limitation for how many story included?
    No. You can write as many story as you want, the price is considered by page number and package choosen,
  • Do you provide/create script?
    No. I draw based on the script that you give me. However, if I you open to any modification, I might give suggestions of modification (if any) that I think suitable, no problem :).
  • PDD and PDD20 has grey toning. You also provide grey toning in Extras. Could you elaborate a little bit?
    PDD and PDD20 has basic Grey toning. You can choose the Extras for more detail toning, it applies to all 3 packages.
  • Your artworks shown here are done back in 2009-2011?that's about 5-7 years ago!So that's mean currently your capability are better?
    Yes, you're smart, and diligent. Every people in young age(around teen,20's,but not limited to) has huge potential and we can expect one to have significant improvement over the years.