I will answer your queries with the help of vedic astrology

answer your queries with the help of vedic astrology

About This Gig


This gig answers your queries about future. You can ask anything, be it something related to your career, married life, children or any other aspect of your life.

If your question is about timing of an event, the basic gig answers only a period of certain months within which the event will take place. Predicting exact timing by days will cost extra. 

What I need to be able to answer your queries:

Birth Date
Birth Time
Birth Place

NOTE: As a promotional offer (lasts till 14th Feb, 2017), I am currently seeing birth charts for free. SEND ME YOUR BIRTH DETAILS AND I WILL TELL YOU 3-4 THINGS* ABOUT YOU FOR FREE. ORDER ONLY IF YOU FIND THIS BRIEF TO BE ACCURATE. 

* The brief which I provide for free covers life areas of my choice. I will take a look at your birth chart and tell whatever I see first. For a detailed reading on any life area, please make an order.

Order Details

2 days delivery

Answers upto 3 questions

This package offers answers for upto 3 queries about any aspect of your life