I will give you a pendulum reading

give you a pendulum reading

About This Gig

With my highly charged and powerful pendulum made from 7 sacred gemstones, I will answer 3 of your yes or no style questions.

The pendulum that will be used to aid in answering your questions is made from 7 beautiful stones.  Each stone is natural and contains the energy of the earth.  The different stones represent the balance within each life and are meant to identify with our specific energies located in each section of the body.  Some refer to these centers of energy with terms such as, chakras or chi. 

The pendulum is pyramid shaped to increase the channeling of energy from the earth and stars.  It is meant to receive information by means of energy paths connected to one and other throughout the universe. 

If you are curious about the universe's knowledge of you, please place your order and follow the instructions afterward.     


* note: there is no guarantee that the pendulum will provide a true answer with each question.   You must ask your questions with love in your heart and good intentions, otherwise you may receive a false result. 

Please inquire if you have any questions about the process.  I will respond as soon as possible.

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5 days delivery