I will teach you Solving a Rubiks Cube

teach you Solving a Rubiks Cube
teach you Solving a Rubiks Cube
teach you Solving a Rubiks Cube

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Description Beginner's Method Fredrick Method With few Logs Fredrick with complete algorithms
  Teach you Solving Rubik's cube with begi's method ( Easy but need more time) Teach you solving with a fast method with some new steps( Requires more than a minute) Teach you solving with Fredrick method (contains too many steps but completed in less than a minute)
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About This Gig

Have a Rubiks Cube in your Hand and you can't solve that:::::::
                                              You are at the RIGHT PLACE!


I teach You Solving the Rubik's Cube (3 by 3 by 3),There are basically methods and algorithms to solve a Rubiks cube. But mostly used methods are as fellow:

  • Beginner's Method
  • Fredrick Method

Beginners method contains 6 to 7 steps to Solve a Rubiks cube. such that you have to repeat some steps in this method. IT is an easy method but requires more than 2 minutes to solve;
                                      Fredrick Method is difficult and contains too many steps( more than 16but with this method you can solve a Rubiks Cube in less than minute 

HOWEVER, My record is 45 Second, and if you want to become more fast then you have to try it atleast more than 200 times