I will give you my bestselling PERISCOPE eBook

give you my bestselling PERISCOPE eBook
give you my bestselling PERISCOPE eBook

About This Gig

I will deliver a PDF copy of my bestselling eBook:
Periscope Your Biz: Live Video Broadcasting for Profits

Here's what you'll find inside:

  • How to Master Periscope Live Video Broadcasting Like a Pro
  • Navigate the Periscope App with Ease (Both IOS and Android)
  • How to Use Periscope to Build Your Brand and Drive Traffic to Your Business
  • How to Narrow Down Your Target Market and Get Your Scopes Seen by Your Ideal Client
  • Build a Devoted Group of Followers Who Are Waiting for Your Next Broadcast
  • Learn the Top Mistakes to Avoid BEFORE You Begin
  • Craft a Compelling Title to Get More Viewers to Join Your Scopes
  • How to Set an Interesting Thumbnail for Each Broadcast
  • Create a Compelling Elevator Pitch that You can Use for Your Scope Intro
  • Learn HOW and WHEN to Ask for Hearts, Follows, and Shares
  • Learn How to Engage and Interact with Your Viewers
  • Tips for Overcoming the Fear of Live Broadcasting
  • How to Cross-promote Between Periscope and Twitter
  • Learn How to Save Your Scopes and Publish them Beyond Periscope

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