I will write reviews or appreciations to any text

write reviews or appreciations to any text

About This Gig

Hello!! I  have a splendid and an impressive born-in talent of appreciating any English:

  • unseen text
  • unseen poem
  • text
  • reviews
As i have mentioned in the above gigs i have achieved an A grade for English literature for my advanced level exam which adds as an excellent experience as the exam includes the experience of hundreds of unseen texts and contexts.
 In addition i would also like to to add the fact that i am a great reader of so many famous literary texts and so many other books and novels written by many of the recognized writers like Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen and Charles Dickens which also proves that i have a brilliant vocabulary and would have no space for grammar mistakes.
My English teachers have also complimented at length for my wonderful ability in writing appreciations

** So, all in all you, my dear friend have nothing to fear because now you have all the guarantee that i will do an excellent job for you as a qualified person...and so whenever you get an unseen poem or text or even a context to answer and you feel too bored or not enough time just look for me and i promise i will do my utmost to satisfy you with a maximum response time of 2 hours!!!