I will find Expired Domains with links from whatever site you want

find Expired Domains with links from whatever site you want

About This Gig

Do you want to find all the expired domains with a link from a specific site ?

If yes, you are in the right Gig. I will use my custom tool to scan all the outbound links of an specific site and provide you the list of all the expired domains which are having backlinks from that specific site.

You can provide me the url of an Authority domain in your specific niche or Guest blogs in your niche or Local magazine site or country specific / Niche specific magazine site.

I will provide you full list of .info domains after scanning all the pages of the website.

Will the backlink appear in opensiteexplorer or majestic or ahrefs or google index ?

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee for the same. Because I collect the domains only by crawling all the pages of the site and do not track the exact page where a particular expired domain was found. Also the outgoing are found by various services at various different times and I cannot control them.

Expired Domains industry is very competitive and they are still available only because it was not showing in the above services.

Please contact me first before placing the order to ensure better results according to your expectations.