I will give list of GOV and Edu pages in your Niche

give list of GOV and Edu pages in your Niche

About This Gig

Gov and EDU links are very powerful. Imagine their power when their contents are related to your niche and provide a backlink to you with your desired anchor text.

 High Quality GOV / EDU Pages with commenting provisions
* Moderated sites, hence very low chance of spam links in the site
*  GOV / EDU sites which accepts relevant quality comments
* OBL less than 20
OPEN for posting and DOES NOT Requires login
* Allows to post your site url in the Website field
* 100% White Hat as you are going to leave quality and relevant opinion after reading the post
* If you are looking to increase the PA and DA of your site and internal pages this is the best gig to order.
* I will give MAXIMUM of 10 URLS only for one gig order.

Gov and Edu links are rare and very difficult to find, so it is NOT POSSIBLE to find for all niches. Ensure to CONTACT me first and then order.