I will give Niche Relevant sites list with moz PA and da

give Niche Relevant sites list with moz PA and da

About This Gig

Unique service in Fiverr which could not be found any where. Save your time in finding the PA and DA manually.

I will provide you the list of 100 urls  sorted by MOZ PA and DA in your niche or targeted keywords for Niche relevant high quality link building.

* High Quality Blogs / Pages with commenting provisions
* Moderated sites, hence very low chance of spam links in the site
*  Few GOV / EDU sites which accepts relevant quality comments (if available)
* All the sites in the list WILL CONTAIN AT LEAST ONE APPROVED COMMENT to ensure that all of them actively moderate the submissions to their sites.
* OBL (Outbound Links) less than 20
* OPEN for posting and DOES NOT Requires login
* Allows to post your site url in the Website field
* 100% White Hat as you are going to leave quality and relevant opinion after reading the post
* Penguin, Panda and Future google updates proof

Why choose my services ?

Every one knows the footprints to find the blogs order but out of search results, how many results will pass the beyond this criteria ?
1) Not Closed
2) At least one approved link
3) Does not requires login
4) Does not contain high obl

Save your precious time with my service.  Contact for sample urls.