I will analyse your digital marketing plan and provide solutions

analyse your digital marketing plan and provide solutions
analyse your digital marketing plan and provide solutions

About This Gig

Businesses run into a multitude of hurdles, simply because these hurdles aren't determined. Putting aside a basic SWOT analysis, I'll help you dive deeper into your current strategy and determine the following:

  1. Why its not effective.
  2. Why you're unable to hit your KPIs
  3. Whether you're targeting the right audience
  4. What your ideal Brand Voice is based on your business philosophy
  5. Your optimal Online & Offline marketing strategies.

Having more than 8 years experience consulting for businesses and handling their digital marketing strategies, there are a few "tricks" to ensure that your business is running efficiently. 

The process is very simple:
  1. Express an interest via the Fiverr Gig
  2. Set up a quick chat via Skype or Google Hangout
  3. I write up the report based on our conversation
  4. We chat again and I go through the report
  5. Optional follow-ups if needed.

I am happy to be on a retainer as a business consultant to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible.

Get your business up to speed today!

Order Details

Strategy Assessment and Solutions

I'll analyse your existing marketing strategy and provide solutions and a detailed report.

1 day delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would you be able to handle my Digital Marketing processes?
    Yes, but that's at a completely different fee as it takes a much longer time. This gig provides a thorough marketing analysis based on your current efforts.
  • Do you write up reports in multiple languages?
    Sadly, no. But I have basic understanding in French, Bahasa Melayu and Tamil, so if you're a native to those languages, feel free to communicate your ideas to me in those languages during our chat, but the reports will be in English.