I will help you choose a dog perfect for your lifestyle

help you choose a dog perfect for your lifestyle

About This Gig

If you are a wise person, picking out a dog means doing a little research first.  I will help give you the information you need to pick out your new best friend!  Younger dog, older dog?  Big, little?  Long coat, smooth coat, wire hair?

I have worked with dogs my whole life.  Both of my parents were professional dog trainers and as a child I grew up in a home with at least 5 or more dogs at any moment.  I have trained almost every type of dog over the last 15 years and I am a dog breed expert.

Do you want a new dog but have no idea where to start? First time dog owner, or maybe someone who's older dog recently passed away?  Already have a dog and want to bring home a new buddy?  Tried once and it didn't work out?  I can help with any situation!

I will provide you with:

*My expert recommendation of 3 dog breeds that will best suit your lifestyle.

*Recommendation of the optimal place to find a dog best suited for your home environment. (shelter, rescue, breeder, etc.)

*Personalized tips to help you choose a dog with a personality that will fit in with you, your family, other pets, and living situation.

*Answer any 3 questions you have about picking out your new dog.

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