I will do KUNDALINI Reiki on you

do KUNDALINI Reiki on you

About This Gig

Kundalini Reiki (KR) is another form of healing method & self-improvement. Kundalini is a dormant energy at the base of the spine associated with the root chakra. The goal of KR is to awaken the dormant energy to revitalize our body by reducing stress, emotions or feelings burdening our mind, body and soul. 

In KR, the 3 major nadis are opened:

Ida: left nadi (feminine-Moon energy). Controls our desires and emotions. Is part of parasympathetic nervous system. When this nadi is unbalanced, we are unable to have a clear perception. (Chinese term for Yin)

Pingala: right nadi (masculine-sun energy). Controls our physical and mental actions. Is part of our sympathetic nervous system. The main purpose of Pingala is to balance our ego to transcend. (Chinese term for Yang)

Sushumna is the nadi running through our spine carrying the Kundalini energy. When this nadi is balanced, we receive the power to evolve towards greater awareness. 

In KR, I cleanse, balance and heal your 3 main nadis to enhance your spiritual evolution, and stimulate your overall health (yin yang).  Your 7 main chakras are automatically balanced during the Sushumna cleansing.