I will do Reiki healing for your pet

do Reiki healing for your pet

About This Gig

Pets are our best friends, hold a special place in our hearts, and will always be a member of our family.

Just like humans, pets are affected by their daily activities, routines and the environment where several factors impact their health. Sometimes your stress may rub off on your pet. Your auric vibration is absorbed by them causing their aura to react.

Distant healing for your pet(s) through Reiki minimizes their stress, anxiety and any injuries he or she might have. Reiki is natural healing process that will bring comfort and general wellness.

With Reiki, I remove all forms of dust and debris accumulation and/or energy blockages from your pets body bringing him or her a much needed balance. I heal any form of distress in the body while communicating with your pet to provide the best possible healing for him or her.