I will have you featured in one of my productions

have you featured in one of my productions

About This Gig

Hey Fiverr! This is Sharif Kazuki Hicks and for this gig I would love to have three talents in each of my productions, and so far there is +20 that need to be released but I would rather have multiple artists around the world circulate their talents for each and every one of them. The main intention isn't to receive money for this gig, but to circulate unified productions that will then be posted through social networks so that each and every artist can be heard virtually and overseas. And when I come in contact with A&R's, studios, and venues, in one way or another, whether it being me delivering all of my album work and production, your voice will be heard! If it receives great recognition throughout this year, you will be notified. Just leave your name and email and a fingerprint on one of my productions! Let's take creative unified steps and expand our vision together.

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