I will commercially mix and master your song

commercially mix and master your song

About This Gig

 Mastering maximizes your music’s potential by bringing out the best combination of balance, clarity, consistency, and volume in the song. Most artists are amazed at the improvement in sound that good mastering offers, even after they have worked hard to perfect their mix. 
. Mastering is not a quick-fix method, and an “ear” for mastering is crucial along with knowledge of the mastering process. A engineer can do many things to perfect your sound like:
  • balance song levels and equalize the sound of individual tracks
  • use noise reduction to eliminate clicks, dropouts, noise between tracks, and hum
  • dynamic range compression or expansion
  • dithering and fade addition/correction
  • balance stereo levels and adjust frequencies
  • edit flaws and maximize overall sound quality
 as little as $5 per track, I will turn your great song recordings into extraordinary productions. Basic 5$ gig is for mastering of the single (already mixed) file. If you need mixing services too, with separated audio channels of your song, please check out extras for prices. If you have any questions feel free to contact me
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3 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions