I will make YOU a star in your own adventure game

make YOU a star in your own adventure game

About This Gig

Have you ever wanted to be a star in your own adventure? Perhaps you know a friend who loves point and click adventure games?

For just $5, I can create a character of you or your friend/loved one and feature them in a fully realized point and click adventure game for Windows.

About the game:
It is a short and fun game - what a great novelty gift for an adventure game fan! It's one room 'escape the room' style game. The game has traditional point and click mechanics; featuring a dog and a faulty record player - all with sound effects and speech animation!

For $5 you get:
- you or a friend as the main character in the game
- to set the theme of the game - serious? comedy? horror?
- to include a photograph of your choice in the game as an easter egg
- to include a specified music track of your choice 
- to create the title, start and end message, and character names

You can contact me if you want other specific customization

That is a whole lot of customization for a tiny price!

What could this be used for?

  • A gift for a gamer friend or loved one
  • A promotional item for a business or band
  • A unique 'Lets Play' video
  • A special way to send a message to someone who loves games

Order Details

4 days delivery