I will 500 word article or blog post for you

500 word article or blog post for you

About This Gig

There are two types of people in the world:

--People who pay $5 for a blog post/article
--People who appreciate quality

Which are you?

I've been developing content online for over ten years, both as a content marketer and as a technology journalist. I pour my heart, soul, and wit into every word I write for my clients. I research until I know exactly what I'm talking about, because I know that it reflects poorly on the client if I don't.

Words are my weapon and I will go to war for you. But not for $5.


If you have any questions or if you think your project needs a bit more discussion, please feel free to reach out. Thanks!

Order Details

Blog Post

I'll write a 500-word blog post or article.

  • Topic Research
  • Up to 1 Focus Word
2 days delivery 1 Revision