I will resample resize a pdf file

resample resize a pdf file
resample resize a pdf file

About This Gig

If you have a PDF that you cannot edit and need the file size smaller for better portability, I can reduce the file to a manageable size. 

There are limitations to how far i can reduce a file. Typically a PDF can be reduced to half it's size without loosing too much resolution  or quality. Also, some elements of a file can hinder the compression. Transparencies in the file, gradients and other effects can prevent the file from being down sampled. I can often fix these issues. Keep in mind that if it is an interactive PDF or a pdf that has elements that can be edited, reducing the file may disable these features. 

Order Details

Reduce PDF File Size

I can reduce the file size of your PDF usually between half to 3/4 it's original file size.

1 day delivery