I will analyze your website and social networks

analyze your website and social networks

About This Gig

This gig is about advices on how to improve your website and social networks.

I will deliver to you an article with what I considered the strengths of your website and social networks and what you need to work on them. In case you don't have networks I will tell you what are the most convinient for your business or project.

I'll tell you what I liked the most and what got my attention on your page, also I'll tell you if your product or service is sending the right message or if you need to work something else in marketing, I will also give you some SEO tips.

I'll also provide you the hashtags you need to add into your social posts, that will help you to catch the attention of the right audience, I'll tell you which material is right for you to promote and what other extra or related content you might add.

In addition I will suggest you how many publications you must add daily in your networks and what's the best time to post them.

As an extra I will gift you 1 meme for your social networks.