I will sing a song for you

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sing a song for you
sing a song for you
sing a song for you

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Description Singing Happy Birthday Singing a Specific Song Any Song
  I will sing for your birthday. Happy Birthday to you will be sung A cappella or with a backing track I will sing any requested song with a backing track. The song will be delivered on video. I will sing any song you request while playing piano, singing with a backing track, or A cappella.
Length (in seconds)
Length of the jingle (in seconds).
60 60 60
Delivery time 2 days 2 days 2 days

About This Gig

This gig is meant to make you smile...

You request a song for your birthday, or a friend's birthday!

You request a song for yourself, or a friend just to make you smile! 

I play the music on the piano, and will sing along! You may also request any song that you'd like for me to sing to a musical track and I will do so. I can sing Country, R&B, Neo soul, and just about anything. Name the song and I will sing it! :)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I record a video?
    Yes. The song will be recorded on video.
  • Will the song be audio?
    No. The songs will be recorded live.
  • Why does it take 2 days?
    Well. If I don't know a song I have to learn the song, and then record the song for you.
  • Why are there no revisions?
    Because once I sit down and record a song that is it. I work full time as a teacher, and I have no off days, so I give it my all when it is time to make the product for you. :)