I will edit the English dialogue in your screenplay

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edit the English dialogue in your screenplay
edit the English dialogue in your screenplay

About This Gig

For anyone who struggles with English dialogue, especially if English is not your first language, I am excited to offer you my Dialogue Editing service at a competitive rate.

Though your English is good enough to write in, if it does not capture an authentic voice it will be tossed in the trash. It is also paramount to know what words and spellings are "American" English as anything else is not going to impress an American producer. 

I have my BFA in Theatre where I wrote screenplays, and plays. I have also directed films and plays and I know what they want to see in a script, and what you can leave out.

My strongest genre is Comedy, but I have worked on dramas and horrors as well. 

Let me help you in your journey to getting your screenplay produced. 

Whether you decide to work with me today or not, good luck!

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Dialogue Editing

Before you send your script off to an American producer, let a native English speaker check it over.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is this especially for English Language learners?
    I have read scripts written by people who speak English as a second, third, and fourth language. It pains me that their stories are so incredible but their dialogue just needs a native speaker's touch.
  • Will you edit work done by native English-speakers as well?
    Yes of course. My specialty was listening to authentic dialogue patterns that also transcribe well to the screen. It would be my pleasure to help anyone who is looking for help.