I will send you 25 fun word search puzzles for kids

About This Gig

The 25 word search puzzles in this bundle are for kids between the ages of 8-12 years. You’ll find the puzzles arranged into four sections: Seasons, Holidays, Everyday and Key. Some of the puzzles are easy, while others are slightly more challenging. A key is included for each puzzle, with the answers shaded in gray.

Each word search is configured in a square, with words going forward, backward and diagonal. There are 15-16 words to find in each puzzle.

The puzzles will be delivered in a PDF file, which makes it easy to print off one or more puzzles. All illustrations are done in grayscale to save ink.

Topics covered in the puzzles include:

  • Seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer
  • Holidays: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (secular), Easter (secular)
  • Everyday: Back to School, Birthday Party, At the Circus, Disney Characters and more.

 The material in this bundle is copyrighted and is not meant to be resold, rebundled in another collection or sold individually. Please see details in the copyright section included in the PDF file.

 This gig is covered by a money back guarantee.