I will introduce you to The Focusing Method

introduce you to The Focusing Method

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Hello, I am a clinical social worker who quite often uses a particularly transformative method known as Focusing to guide clients through many deep and lasting changes. 

This technique is unique in that it is one part a psychotherapy technique and it is one part a self-help technique. 95% of therapists keep their methods to themselves but this technique came from a great man: Dr. Eugene Gendlin who is a philosopher and humanist. He discovered this method during an inquiry into the exact mechanism of change in therapy. 

This technque is a method of embodied inner listening and facilitating what is called: felt-shifts. This occurs by listening to one's felt-sense, which is that place in our experience where the mind and body meet and there is deeper meaning.

I am a therapist and am very much experienced at using this technique myself and others, but it is recommended to see a certified teacher to go further. I only hope to introduce this technique to a wider audience. Go to focusing.org for more information. 

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