I will teach a therapeutic method of meditation

teach a therapeutic method of meditation
teach a therapeutic method of meditation

About This Gig

Hello.  I am a clinical social worker with an interest in what is the most basic mechanisms of human growth and transformation. 

I have been a meditator for over a decade. I have studied anything from the east and west that I could learn from.  Ever since becoming a therapist, I have integrated mindfulness work into my practice with great results. I have seen high levels of anxiety usually from drug withdraw subside almost miraculously in my addictions clients. 

I have learned from years of sub par meditation how to get it just right. There are many meditation guides out there but I find over 90% of them very lacking without quality guides out of perennial pitfalls that leave many discouraged. 

I have tweaked my method over the last five years to something that I believe is extremely effective. I integrate Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation, with elements of the Focusing Method (see my other gig) and a gentle diaphragmatic breathing. In this way you learn how to correctly and  naturally breath as well as rapidly enter deeply into experience with the Focusing techniques of clearing a space and openness towards bodily felt-senses. 

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