About This Gig

Shiftypop (UK) is a successful popular singer, songwriter, jingle-writer and musician. Working on Fiverr every Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm. 

For $5, I will compose a 30 second backing instrumental for Youtube Channels/Podcasts.


  1. For $100 I will compose the music, sing and record your 30 second TOYtastic jingle using your lyrics.

  2. For $50 I will write the lyrics for your jingle using the facts you provide. (You must purchase extra 1 for the jingle recording!)

  3. Get your jingle professionally mix / mastered for $50

  4. If your jingle for business / commercial purposes please purchase the copyrights for an extra $50. 

  5. If you selected the copyrights (4) extra you may purchase the jingle audio files (stems) as .wav audio files for $50.

If you have a unique project, send me a message and I will respond as soon as I can!

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