I will provide real time Malay translation

provide real time Malay translation

About This Gig

Want to learn Malay in real-time?

Want to impress your Malay friends by chatting with them in their own language?

Maybe you want to impress your Malay girlfriend or her family?

Or maybe you're looking for a Malay girlfriend and wants to give her a good first impression?

Look no further then.

I am a native Malay speaker with a lifetime of experience in speaking and writing the language. As a school teacher (I taught English), I was also acquainted with the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka, the government body in charge of maintaining the integrity of the Malay language.

For every $5, I am willing to do real-time translation of your texts in yahoo messenger for 20 minutes. I know I put AOL there, but sorry, I only have yahoo and msn. Please inform me what time you want me to be online, make it in GMT+8. I'm bad with converting time.

Although I have no aversion to less than normal chats, please don't make me translate too many dirty texts.

I can also help you improve your mastery of Malay by chatting with you in either Proper Malay or Standard Malay. I will also tell you why certain words are chosen over the other. Though, I won't offer to teach you Malay from beginning to the end.