I will provide quality translation from english to malaysian malay

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provide quality translation from english to malaysian malay

About This Gig

I will translate 400 words from English to Standard or Proper Malaysian Malay up to 4000 words in a single gig.

Malaysian Malay is NOT the same as Indonesian Malay, though Malaysians and Indonesians may communicate with each other using their own national languages.

Standard Malay is the language that is used in everyday life by the majority of Malaysians. It is otherwise known as 'Bahasa Pasar' (Market Dialect).

Proper Malay (Melayu Rasmi) is governed by the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka. Proper Malay is more grammatically correct, using 'proper' wordings and used mostly in official documents, business proceedings or when speaking with a respected figure. There is little difference between Proper Malay and Standard Malay otherwise.

I provide quality translation of either Proper Malay or Standard Malay. If your documents are technical in terms, do understand that many technical terms are simply English terms with local pronunciations.

I will translate anything you want translated and vow confidentiality of its contents. Please take note that that I have a hard limit of 4000 words in a gig.

My translation is awesome. That's why people copy my gig page. (^.^)

Order Details

3 days delivery 5 Revisions

Standard Package.

Translate your document from English to Standard or Proper Malay or the other way around.

  • Up to 400 Words
  • Proofreading