About This Gig

I am willing to draw a simple comic strip for you. See the example to get an idea of simple. - I draw comics in my spare time. My brother is an aspiring webcomic artist and commented on how he is not the best artist and sometimes wishes he had an artist to draw for him but cannot afford it. So I'm offering simple comic strip drawing services for $5 for people in a similar boat. All I ask is that in addition to paying me the $5 you keep my signature on the image and remember to give me art credits for drawing the comic. If you end up using it on your website that's great because it will give me publicity, and you end up with your comic strip! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------BEFORE YOU ORDER - I will not draw nudity, or anything I consider close enough to it. People will have clothes on. --- I WILL letter these IF your script has NO PROFANITY or VULGARITY. I draw the strips, and you will have to put the lettering on them. But I think that's fair for $5. Black and white only. Not color. ------------------------ 300 dpi file included. 600 upon request.

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